2013 – 2016
KIL (Kehollisen Ilmaisun Laboratorio)

KIL was a performance group exploring the limits of the body through embodied, improvisational and psychosomatic exercises. The group developed and practiced various ways of decentralization, orientation and disorientation as well as deconstruction of concepts, words and information. KIL rehearsed regularly, performed in different contexts and organized open rehearsals for public.

KILs latest events were a two-day performance installation in The Living Room Exhibition in Helsinki, and a two-day workshop in Titanik-gallery in Turku. The group performed also in Omenapuutalo and Kalleria in Helsinki.

KIL was Teo Ala-Ruona, Venla Helenius, Satu Sipilä & Joonas Suomalainen