SIC space, Helsinki

Remnants was an installation consisting of a text and sculptures made out of plaster, sand, iron and teeth.

The piece was part of a group exhibition Fantasy 1&2, curated by Saara Hannus.

Text in the installation:

ME:  “Let me see you opening up your wiggling surface and wet bogholes. You’re taking in bodies. You can satisfy, dominate and caress all of us at the same time, and I tell you that you’re my master, my daddy and domme.”

THE SWAMP: “Yes, I like it when you tell me that.”

ME: “I’m making love to you, your flora, fauna and your bogbodies, that have remained inside of your oxygenless conditions better than the bodies that are buried in the ground. Some of those bodies have still remnants of soft tissues, like skin and organs. And as I’m making love to you and the ones inside of you, I’m transitioning towards my final fantasy”

THE SWAMP: “I suck you.”

ME: “In the moment, when I learn how to open up myself, I will share my body like a holy supper, I serve it with pride and joy. I don’t die, but I turn into countless lovers without pain. And I choose all of this.”

THE SWAMP: “I think you’re ready.”

ME: “Yeah?”


ME: “You’re everywhere. I wanna cum in your mouth, on your fingers, your thighs, your chest, your decomposing piles, your bogholes, your vortex. I pour and ejaculate, I cum harder than ever as you’re penetrating my blood vessels.

THE SWAMP: “I’m cutting you up with my maggots and parasites. Your veins pop and you’re wheezing as you’re yelding. I spank you baby, I tie a whip of your intestines and bang you to pieces.”