WMW -writing workshop(s)

2017 – 2018


This writing workshop invites non-binary, trans-, women and queer people to come together for thinking, dreaming and writing together about and inside worlds that they desire to live in.

Both individual and collective writing practices are dealt with in the workshop. Act of writing is approached as a world-making practice. Workshop asks; How can we create worlds by writing, and how can the moment and space of writing be approached as speculative fiction in practice? The moment of writing can be considered leaking into futures: it is moving the writer towards them. Then if every act in the present is feeding into multiple futures, to care for the present is also to propose futures that are cared for. The workshop is exploring writing as an attempt to experience futures enfolding as the writing happens, in the world of writing.

Workshops have been held in different locations in Helsinki, Berlin and Prague.

The work has been supported by Taike.