Words Make Worlds


Words Make Worlds
 was a sound installation with 
five speakers, paper and headphones

. The installation was presented in Omenapuutalo, part of MAECP At Work -exhibition. Words Make Worlds is a work in process; four writing workshops held exclusively for women-, trans-, non-binary- and queer people were held in Helsinki during autumn 2017. After each workshop every participant was invited to record their written words for the sound installation. Participants were also welcome to leave their words to be recorded by someone else, or to choose to leave their words unspoken.

Words Make Worlds explores the act of writing as a world- and future-making practice. It asks: how can we create new worlds by writing? Can the moment and space of writing serve the writer as a world one inhabits while writing? Words Make Worlds considers writing as an act that operates on/in the past(s), present(s) and future(s). In the experience of the writer words carry histories, they appear in the present, but leak into futures; moving the writer towards them. Words articulated in the present can be considered as proposals for futures.

In the sound installation these words took a form of speech; they morphed and blended together; they were listened to by others than their writers; they made worlds in other ways than when they were originated on papers.

 The words audible from the five speakers were generated by nine people during a writing exercise with a following invitation:

Write about/inside a world/a space/a place where you want/wish/desire/feel good to be in.”

Words in the speakers written by:
 Teo Ala-Ruona
, Venla Helenius
, Shelley Etkin
, Maiju Janatuinen, 
Leena Kuusisto, 
Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, 
Aino Lindh, 
Sanna Ritvanen
, Anna-Kaisa Romppanen

People who also took part in the workshop-drafts: 
Inna Lampinen
, Gesa Piper and 
Emil Uuttu

Special tanks also to:
Loren Kronemyer