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Teo Ala-Ruona
pronouns: he/him
Instagram: teoalaruona



2016 – 2018 MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance, Theatre Academy of the University of Arts, Helsinki
2014 – 2016 MA Programme, Art Education, Department of Art, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
2010 – 2014 Bachelor of Arts, Art Education, Department of Art, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
2011 – 2012 Minor Subject in Contemporary Art, Department of Art, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki


2024 Lacuna. Managing Discomfort. Toaster/Husets Teater. Copenhagen.
2023 Lacuna. Sequences festival. Reykjavik.
2023 Babymmalian. w Anni Puolakka. Organ Vida festival. Zagreb.
2023 Babymmalian. w Anni Puolakka. The Place. London.
2023 SLIT. w Artor Jesus Inkerö. ANTI festival. Kuopio.
2023 SLIT. w Artor Jesus Inkerö. Kutomo. Turku.
2023 Enter Exude. Vilnius Biennial of Performance Art. Vilnius.
2023 SLIT. w Artor Jesus Inkerö. Centrale Fies. Dro.
2023 Enter Exude. Kiasma-theatre. Helsinki.
2023 Babymmalian. w Anni Puolakka. HAM-gallery. Helsinki.
2023 Lacuna. ICA. London.
2023 Lacuna. VEGA. Copenhagen.
2022 Babymmalian. w Anni Puolakka. Parting With Return (You’re so Busy). Vapaan Taiteen Tila. Helsinki.
2022 Lacuna. Stoa. Drifts-festival. Helsinki.
2022 Slow-sex-death-drive. Jason-platform. Copenhagen.
2022 Lacuna. Takomo. Helsinki.
2021 Lacuna. XS-festival. Kutomo. Turku
2021 Deep Time Trans. Baltic Circle -festival. Helsinki.
2021 My flesh is in tension, and I eat it. Kutomo. Turku.
2021 Extinct. Nocturnal Unrest -festival. Frankfurt.
2020 SYMBIO. Collaboration with Boat Sutasinee Kansomdee. Bangkok Biennial.
2020 My flesh is in tension, and I eat it. SIC-gallery. Fantasy 1 & 2 -exhibition. Helsinki.
2019 toxinosexofuturecummings. Mad House Helsinki.
2019 toxinosexofuturecummings. Human Resources. Los Angeles.
2019 Clay erotics. Wonderlust-festival. Helsinki.
2019 toxinosexofuturecummings. Asbestos Art Space. Helsinki.
2018 Nowhere in Particular. Vapaan Taiteen Tila. Helsinki.
2017 Garden of Others: Lunch as a Temporary Autonomous Zone. Pixelache festival. Helsinki.
2016 – 2017 KSENOS. Helsinki.
2016 – 2017 Non-human Island. Reality Research Center. Helsinki.
2016 On Streams, Transitions, and Echoes. Re-Timing performance project. Asematila. Helsinki.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project: Acclimatization. /teatteri.nyt. Kiasma. Helsinki.
2015 Johdatus/Guidance. Reality Research Center. Espoo.
2015 Relation Tryouts: Water & Air performance installation. Break a Brain Ecojustice Art Festival. Tampere.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project, Excavations. Gallery Augusta. Helsinki.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project: An Assemblage. LAPSody festival. Helsinki.
2015 KIL: Make Yourself at Home – Focus. Living Room Exhibition. Helsinki.
2014 KIL in Titanik. Titanik-gallery. Turku.
2012 Please, close the door. WerkStadt Kulturverein e.V., Berlin.


2023 Text and Performer’s dramaturgy. w Even Minn. Curated by Ida Elisabeth Larsen in collaboration w Dansehallerne. Roskilde.
2022 Wet Body Fictions. w Even Minn. Warehouse9. Copenhagen.
2020 – Visiting lecturer. Theatre Academy of Helsinki.
2020 Care Practices: Recipes for Resilience. Online writing workshop with Even Minn. Curated by Ceci Moss and Ki Nurmenniemi. Organized by Gas-gallery.
2019 TWAH (=These Worlds Are Here) writing workshop. NAVEL. Los Angeles.
2019 Peer Group for Trans and Non-binary Artists. In collaboration with Feminist Culture House. Museum of Impossible Forms. Helsinki.
2018 Writing Pleasure, Fiction, Avatars: writing workshop for trans, non-binary and queer people. On Transformations -festival. Third Space. Helsinki.
2018 Writing for Multiple Future Worlds -writing workshop. In collaboration with Tereza Silon. Hybernská ožívá. Prague.
2018 Words Make Worlds -writing workshop. Spinnboden Lesbian Archive and Library. Berlin.
2017- 2019 Feminist and Anti-racist Night School. Organizer. Helsinki.
2016 Emergent Economies. Three-day event in a Skills of Economy project. Mattering City exhibition. Copenhagen.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project. Inhimillisen rajamailla. Mad House Helsinki.


2019 You bring the light. w Venla Helenius. Titanik-gallery. Turku.
2019 TWAH (=These Worlds Are Here). Gas-gallery. Los Angeles.
2014 White Horses. w Venla Helenius. B-gallery. Turku
2014 rituaLIFER. w Jyri Ala-Ruona. Kalleria-gallery. Helsinki.


2021 Gentle Gestures — Non-binary Conceptions of Difference. Curated by Camille Auer. Titanik-gallery. Turku
2020 Fantasy 1 & 2 -exhibition. Curated by Max Hannus. SIC-gallery. Helsinki.
2020 Kirjoittaa X uusiksi. Internet exhibition for youth. Curated by nynnyt.


2021 The Elegy of the Bambi. A text for exhibition Alagya by Silvia Bolla and Áron Lodi. Budapest. 
2020 Rajankäyntiä transrepresentaatioista taiteessa. W. Camille Auer. Kritiikin uutiset.
2019 HOMEBUILDING ELSEWHERE: On embodied transitional fiction writing. Borrowing Positions -book.
2018 Nämä maailmat ovat jo: Kirjoittaminen queer-feministisenä maailman tekemisenä (Master thesis work in MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance) “These worlds are here already: Writing as a queer-feminist world-making”
2015 Erottamattomuuden harjoitus – Kanssaolo ekologisen ajattelun perustana (Master thesis work in art Education)


2022 Somatic fiction and transmaterial realities. The Realm of Senses -lecture series. Aalto-yliopisto.
2018 Wild Core: A seminar with MAECP, Helsinki.
2017 Matter and Process, Helsinki (Performer).


2023 Centrale Fies, Live Works vol. 10. Dro.
2023 BUDA-residency. Kortrijk.
2023 Zodiak Laboratory -residency. Helsinki.
2022 London Performance Studios. London.
2022 FABRIKKEN-residency. Copenhagen.
2021 Kutomo-residency with Deep Time Trans -project.
2021 HIAP-Eskus residency. Helsinki.
2020 Mustarinda residency with Even Minn. Hyrynsalmi.
2020 Saari Residency with Deep Time Trans -project.
2020 Kutomo-residency. Turku.
2017 Ponderosa residency. Stolzenhagen. Germany.
2016 Mustarinda residency with Gesa Piper. Hyrynsalmi.