Exhibition Platform Jason, Copenhagen

slow-sex-death-drive is work-in-progress performance of a long-term project that will eventually lead to a performance in May 2023 by Ala-Ruona and a working group.

Slow-sex-death-drive continues Ala-Ruona’s artistic somatospeculative research around endocrine disruptive hormones caused by environmental toxicities and their contextualisation with trans embodiment. Slow-sex-death-drive discusses technosexuality, technomasculinity, car culture and petrochemical pollution. All of these areas orbit erratically around Ala-Ruona’s loss of his father to lung cancer. Ala-Ruona questions why ecology research that frames trans embodiment as an abnormality caused by environmental toxins get more sensationalist attention than the research done on the lethal effects of environmental toxicities? Slow-sex-death-drive speculates complexly on the relation between trans masculine body and a car:

If my body was trans due to environmental toxicities, then could I look at the car — the main symbol of human caused pollution — as my techno-toxicological parent? Also, how does the desire for my own technological transition translate into technosexual desire? And how is all of this in relation to my body living with the loss of my father, the cyborgian car-man that he was?”

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Supported by: Taike